Our engineering differentiation comes from our ability to bring together specialized teams comprised of talent from a range of global facilities to develop advanced products and solutions, and provide services that address high pressure, caustic flow, high temperature, zero leakage – all of which require the highest standards of reliability, safety, and durability.

Control Valves

We market a wide variety of pneumatic and electric control valves. Some of them are:

Steam Product Lines

We have a specialized line for the steam system. These are some of those products:

Clean Steam

Clean Steam Product Line:

DIN & BSP Thread Steam Products

DIN & BSP Connections Steam Product Line:


We are representatives of Superior Boiler Works. These are some of the options we have:

Wash Down Equipment

We also have industrial washing equipment:

Safety Relief Valve

We also have industrial washing equipment:


Custom engineered and fabricated Y, Basket, Tee, Duplex, Temporary and Automatic Backwash Strainers:

Industrial valves

We market a wide variety of industrial valves. These are some:


We also have industrial washing equipment:

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